Friday, August 31, 2007

Libby’s Inside Track to Sag Harbor

Blooming Shells: Great way to dress up your house for the summer with gorgeous shells/ starfish and coral…not to mention cool sari tops and casual white cotton skirts that are the perfect segway from the beach to a beach party!

Sag Harbor Variety: Bad lampshades in your rental this year? Check out their lampshade section in the back of the store…a lot of choices and really reasonably priced…a crisp new square shade can totally change the look of some tired old lamps/ penny candy makes us all feel like a kid again/ best selection of crafts for kids and adults and a must if you need a last minute present for little Jimmy’s Birthday party! – good knitting section for beginners if you want to get addicted to a new hobby for the summer.

Emporium Hardware: great art section on the second floor that nobody knows about…this summer pick up painting/sketching or drawing in your spare time!

The Beacon: The “Ruby Rita” -The greatest Margarita made with blood orange juice and fresh lime juice…perfect for sipping while sitting at the bar and watching the sun set.

Estia’s Little Kitchen: The “Moritori” Salad…the freshest greens/blue cheese/walnuts and a soy/ balsamic dressing…need I say more? and the best omelets in the Hamptons!

The Post Office: Rose and Marge behind the counter always keep it moving and make even visitors feel like locals…going to the post office is fun again!