Monday, January 4, 2010

Incorporating Hot New Trends to Update Your Home for the New Year

1) Rich colors are the buzz for 2010 and Peacock blue is leading the pack, not navy and not turquoise but that rich, warm shade in between. This is great as fabric on an occasional chair, wall color, drapery fabric or even used just as a small accent color in accessories. Also, orange as an accent is still very chic, whatever the shade, orange adds a feeling of warmth and a great pop of color. Mauve, lavender and dark eggplant are also very in and look great paired with navy blue, a silvery gray and white. Having the newest hue somewhere in your home can instantly revive a space that is looking tired and drab. If you’re afraid to paint an entire room just paint just one accent wall, maybe just a wall your sofa is on or your bed is on. You can also incorporate these great colors in a smaller way – get some throw pillows or add accessories in your favorite shade of a new color and wake up your space!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Tween room Makeover

Libby is a lifestyle/design contributor for WCBS Radio. Hear her interviews

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"These radio clips take a little longer to load but please be patient and hang on because there are lots of great tips and ideas...I think you'll find it's definitely worth the wait!" -Libby

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Full Interview with Libby Langdon

Pat Farnack's conversation with interior designer Libby Langdon about creating a beautiful space to live in at home.

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Full Interview with Libby Langdon About a Soothing Home

Pat Farnack's conversation with HGTV interior designer Libby Langdon about making your home your haven.