Friday, August 3, 2007

Ask the Expert: How to use Wicker wisely!

My home is an “open space plan” house. The living room, dining and kitchen are all seen immediately when you walk into it. I have a good direction with the color scheme in all three rooms so that they all relate to one another. However, the problem is that the foyer and living room ceiling is 18 ft. with a catwalk separating the two spaces.

The kitchen and dining room ceiling is 9 ft. My question is what can I do with the wall space over the kitchen and dining room? Since that is what you see when you’re looking at the kitchen and dining room from the living room and foyer, I’d like to do something dramatic, modern and elegant. Help!
Mory, via e-mail

There are tons of things that you can do with that wall space that could be dramatic and elegant you just need to think BIG! It also depends on what style your rooms are, let that be your inspiration. If you have an Asian minimalist design you could separate a folding screen and hang the panels a few inches apart side by side, or you could frame a kimono or a beautiful silk robe.
If you have an Italian/Mediterranean theme you could hang a piece of an old wrought iron gate or large scrolling metal medallion.
If you have a Moroccan design scheme you could hang several really big Moroccan platters in a grouping. If your style is more modern you could hang 20 – 12” x 12” mirror tiles in 5 rows of 4, each tile separated from the next just by two inches.
You could also scan photos of kids/pets or family into your computer and make them high contrast, then blow up the pictures on a black and white Xerox machine to 18”x 24” and frame them in 24” x 30” inch frames with good matts. You can even print the images on color paper, it’s a comtemporary “Warhol-esque” look and it’s an inexpensive way to create large custom artwork!