Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ask the Expert Question: Daughter's headboard

Q: I want to decorate my daughter’s bedroom but I am having difficulty deciding where to hang things. If my daughter’s headboard is not straight, can we still hang pictures or paintings or even decorating shelves above the bed? What would you suggest I do? Thanks for your help,

Heather Farias, via e-mail
A: (I’m answering this two ways because I’m not sure what she means…is the headboard OFF the wall or is it the shape of the headboard?)
A great thing to do if a bed isn’t flush against a wall is to put a folding screen behind it, it will help anchor the headboard and do something visually interesting with that unused space. There are neat screens that double as frames and you can fill the screen panels up with photographs. A mirrored screen looks fantastic behind a bed also!
If the headboard is an odd shape you can always hang pictures over each nightstand and maybe a narrow ledge shelf directly over the headboard. But if the headboard is high, stick to just hanging things over the nightstands, you don’t want it to look too busy or crowded with items on the wall.