Friday, September 14, 2007

Ask the Expert: Add a Volleyball Theme to the Room

Q: I need ideas for my daughter’s room with painting a volleyball mural or just adding a volleyball painting. Thank you. Lisa

A: Something neat you can do for your daughter’s room that would be less of a time commitment and less permanent than painting a mural would be to take some digital pictures of all things volleyball; the net, the ball, the court, maybe even her playing volleyball.

Then have huge poster prints made of all the pictures and hang them on her walls, they can make them as large as 4 feet wide by 8 feet high as long as they are files from a digital camera and at least 300 DPI (which most digital cameras are up to these days).

If there’s not a printer in your neighborhood that can make these large scale prints check out different printers online, there are lots of them and it’s not that expensive. Your daughter will definitely have the cool look she wants and she’ll be the envy of the volleyball team!