Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Halloween Ideas

Fall Home Decór

Autumn Chandelier Wreath

Carve out the tops of 6 mini pumpkins and place tealight candles inside the pumpkins. Lay a simple grapevine wreath flat on a table, wire the mini pumpkins to the wreath and insert stems of fallen leaves and berries in between the pumpkins.  Keeping the wreath flat, attach 3 lengths of small chain to hang the “Chandelier” and join the three chains at the top with an “S” hook.  Suspend from a porch ceiling or over an indoor table for a rustic, autumn ambiance.

Halloween Table Decór

Candy Corn Candle Holders

Fill the bottom quarter of clear drinking glasses with candy corns and nestle a votive candle inside on top of the candy corns– quick, easy and adorable!

Halloween Party Ideas

“One Material” Costume Party

Host a costume party but tell people that they can only use one material to make their costume.  It could be masking tape, garbage bags, tin cans, ribbon, Styrofoam, Kleenex, toilet paper, wrapping paper, twine…whatever, but the rule is they can ONLY use that “One Material” for their entire costume!   Just wait until you see what people come up with!   Mix up some fun cocktails and serve hors d’oeuvres on top of a layer of black and orange jellybeans on trays.  Have a Polaroid camera to take pictures of guests as they arrive and then tape the pictures in a scrapbook.   Have guests sign the page with their picture on it and you’ll have a fun memento from the evening.

Adults Scavenger Hunt

It sounds hokey but it can really be fun!  Have everyone meet at your house to have a cocktail, appetizers and get divided into teams.  Have dinner all prepared and put yourself on a team too.  Set the time limit (not too long) and give them their lists of what they need to bring back; combine easy things with ridiculously hard things and the first team back wins!  Items can include a wine label, a tennis ball, 3 rocks, a brochure for a local museum, a shiny penny, A copy of People Magazine, a poem, two maple leaves… or whatever comes to mind based on the area you live in.  As the host just be sure to be home when the first team makes it back, have drinks standing by put the finishing touches on dinner and be prepared to hear some hilarious tales from the hunt!

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