Friday, July 13, 2007

Libby’s Dorm Décor Ideas:

Bed's and Sofas

If you have two twin beds push them up against opposite walls facing each other. For each bed buy 4 king size pillows, (or two kings and one long “body” pillow) lean two up against the wall and set one at the head of the bed and one at the foot of the bed. This creates the feel and look of a sofa, and can really be pulled together if your bedspread and pillow case match. Fill in with a few smaller throw pillows and you have a great place to lounge and read in addition to sleep!

Wonderful Windows

Maximize light and make dinky windows look bigger by mounting drapes outside of the window frame and have them go all the way up to the ceiling, it will make your room look bigger. If you’re not allowed to drill into the wall to hang curtains, use the largest size of Brass cup hooks, screw them into the ceiling and rest your curtain rod in the hook, it’s so easy!

Magic Carpets

The fastest way to warm up a room is with an area rug, most home improvement stores carry very reasonably priced rugs but just be sure you buy the biggest size that you room will hold, a small rug will actually make your room look smaller!

Another cheap option is to go to a big carpet store and see what remnants and leftovers they have from big jobs…they usually sell them way below cost!

Fabric your Walls

*(Check with your school first, some schools do not allow fabric on the walls for flammable purposes) If you can’t paint your room, don’t worry; your walls can still have some personality! Find a shower curtain pattern you like, buy four of the same. Along the tops of one wall screw small cup hooks every 6”-8”. Hang the shower curtain grommets on the cup hooks, making sure that the fabric is flowing and soft.

Another great way to add some life to a wall you cannot paint is to buy a few large jute roll up blinds. Paint a pattern, or stripes or anything you like on the blinds, using a stencil and spray paint, and then hang them high up your walls with simple screw in cup hooks!

Bright Idea

Lamp light is absolutely key to making your room warm and inviting but free up valuable bedside storage buy using swing arm lamps mounted to the wall, or floor lamps. Be sure to use a good light, cream or white shades that will allow for the most light and three way bulbs!

Dynamic Duo

Combine mirror and lamps for the biggest bang for you buck, the light reflected in the mirror opens up the space and spreads a warm glow throughout the room. During the day mirrors reflect light coming in a window so whenever possible place a mirror on a wall opposite a window!

Super Secret Storage

Put Fabric Panels on swing arm rods attached to bookshelves, the fabric softens the feel of the room and the panels hide the stuff that you don’t want anybody to see! You can also put small canvas curtains on tension rods and suspend them in your smaller bookcases, they make hidden little cubbies.

Quick Canopy

Hang 2 bathroom towel rings from the ceiling over your bed and drape pale gauzy fabric through them, it will be a fast, inexpensive way to achieve the look of a canopy.

Dorm Room Themes: How to get the look!

Animal Prints

Rugs- natural sisal color
Bedding – use Black or Khaki with Zebra or leopard pillows and accents
Walls – Chocolate brown paint or natural jute blinds
Accessories – wicker or rattan trunks/tables, bamboo lamps or floor mat

Moroccan/ Indian

Rug – Tan /Neutral
Bedding – use rich shades of turquoise, gold, hot pink, burgundy, green and purple
Walls – Paint them a tan or a rich eggplant or hang Saris or tapestries on the wall
Accessories – Hot glue beaded trim onto lampshades and drapes;
Use a sheer fabric over the bed hung from the ceiling with towel rings to create a canopy

Ultra Modern/ Hip

Rug – Black, or gray or a bold brightly colored pattern
Bedding – (just about anything from Ikea!) Light blue, pale turquoise, orange
Walls – Hang big metal magnetic boards on your wall; fill them up with black and white photographs, schedules, anything!
Accessories – go for odd shaped lamps that are white or clear and use colored Plexiglas tables

Romantic French Country

Rug – Pale blue or yellow rug
Bedding – pale stripes, ticking fabric, soft florals, lots of throw pillows
Walls – paint French sayings on pale yellow wallpaper and attach to the wall
Accessories – Patterned lampshades, whitewashed wood or natural pine tables or trunks

Movie/Film Fantasy

Rug – gray
Bedding – Red, black or tan, red velvet throw pillows
Walls – Hang red velvet drapes (like in the movie theater) and get movie posters from your local video store and cover your walls with them
Accessories – use black lacquer accessories and brass lamps

Simple Tips:

- Items to hang on walls if you’re not allowed to paint or hang fabric: Large wall maps
– Get 4 lifts to raise your bed and create more space for storage underneath
– Use and Ottoman with storage inside
– Get a featherbed mattress topper to make your bed more comfortable
– Find or make the biggest bulletin board possible, cover it in great fabric and get lots of cool tacks for a good looking display area
– Be sure to get a full length mirror, it will make your room look bigger and you can see how you look on your way out