Saturday, January 20, 2007

Libby’s LifeStyle - Why We Love Kick-Ass Sheets and the Men Who Love Them

We love that sexy look you give us when your head is tilted and you smile at us out of the corner of your mouth. We love it when you gently push our hair off our faces. And we really love that you’ve come to adore Pratesi Signature Three-line pattern 430-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets.

Beautiful, soft bed sheets used to be a luxury item but they’ve quickly become an essential item and let me tell you, women appreciate every last little thread that goes into making them.

If you haven’t jumped in with both feet yet, here’s your primer:
Thread Count is the most important place to begin. It simply means the number of threads per square inch. A higher thread count will always be the softest sheet. Egyptian cotton is the highest quality, giving you the most luxurious fabric and feel.
Supima is a long, consistent staple cotton, made in the USA, it’s soft and durable. Sateen (not to be confused with satin) has a stitch of four over, one under, placing the most threads on the surface making it extremely soft. Ok, come on, four stitches over one…who cares, you want to know if you’re gonna get lucky. Here are my predictions.

Percale Sheets

50% Cotton/ 50% Polyester – These are good for the guy who wants to exfoliate while he sleeps. It’s like sleeping on sandpaper. I must say they do come in a wide range of prints which is perfect if you’re working a whole Pokemon thing in your bedroom. I’m sure you’ll have a lovely nights sleep…alone.

Flannel Sheets

100% Cotton – You got these from your Grandmother when you went away to college. Now you’re older and I’m sure they really are fabulous if you’re in the Adirondacks hunting black bears…OK, even then, they are not that fabulous.

T-Shirt Sheets

100% Cotton – There’s no doubt that these are very comfortable, like a time worn T-shirt but these sheets send the message that you like to spend a lot of time in bed sleeping…no really, I mean actually sleeping.

400 – 1000 Thread count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets

100% cotton and sometimes a silk/cotton blend. These are the proverbial mother-lode of comfort in the sack. They are soft, silky and sexy. These sheets say you like to spend a lot of time in bed but maybe not so much time actually sleeping in bed, we really love that about you.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that good quality sheets have to cost a fortune, but these days many top discount stores (TJ Maxx, Marshall’s) have a wide selection of high thread count cotton sheets at reasonable prices. Basically, I’m telling you if the guy at Starbucks who makes your morning latte can sleep on them, you have no excuse not to be sleeping on them.

There is an unsung hero in this comfy combo which is a good mattress pad. It’s the least sexy layer of the bedding equation but just as important. You can have the most fantastic sheets in the world but if you’re feeling the top of the mattress through the sheets you’ll lose the entire effect. A good Mattress pad will absolutely add to your comfort level.

The real icing on the cake would be to take the luxury quota one step further, lose your top sheet and just dive under a down comforter with a silk/cotton duvet. I can guarantee it will feel great on your skin, and as for sleep…I can’t guarantee you’ll get a whole lot of it.