Friday, March 30, 2012

DIFFA's Dining by Design, March 22 – March 26, 2012

Hello and Happy Friday!  Here are a few photos of the space I designed for Liebherr’s installation at “Dining by Design”, presented by DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids, which was on display at The Architectural Digest Home Show in New York City last weekend. It's sort of the “Cannes of Tabletop Design” for a really wonderful, worthwhile cause.

Various designers were each given an 11' x 11' space and the only restrictions were that we couldn’t go over 10' in height and that ten people would be able to dine in there. Other than that, we got to go crazy and design and create all sorts of amazing dining environments — truly "Dining by Design"! I was thrilled to be part of it and in the company of so many other incredible designers and their tables ... and I was pretty happy with my space as well!