Friday, December 21, 2007

Anything trendy right now in small spaces?

Colors? Kinds of decorations? 

A big trend in small spaces right now is color, people used to think everything had to be white to look larger but they are realizing that a creative layout can do the trick and they can enjoy color at the same time. Some colors I’m seeing are consistent whether you’re in a small space or large – chocolate brown, caramel, aqua, bright orange, citron green, icy gray blue. The accessory used primarily in small spaces is artwork; it adds life and style to a room without using up valuable square footage.

Can you name some room-specific trends?

In kitchens I’m seeing people using 2 under the counter/drawer refrigerators rather than one large one which can visually eat up the room in a small kitchen. I’m also seeing continuity in cabinets used, it creates a uniformed, pulled together look.

I’m seeing lots of mirrored furniture, end tables, console tables, nightstands and they are wonderful pieces for small spaces because they reflect light and make a room appear larger.