Monday, November 19, 2007

Libby’s Fall Table Décor Ideas:

Fall Cocktail Napkins: Dress up plain paper cocktail napkins by using a large leaf stamp and a gold stamp pad.

Pumpkin Vase: Cut off the top of a small round pumpkin, scoop out the seeds and pulp, place a small plastic container inside (cup or paint container), fill the container with floral foam and water. Arrange seasonal flowers, dried leaves and berries!

Leaf Stamped Hurricanes: Glass cleaner completely erases stamp-pad ink from glass surfaces so dress up your fall table by stamping gold or colored ink with a leaf stamp on glass candleholders. You can also use everyday drinking glasses and votive candles; it’s a subtle yet elegant touch!

Modern Fall Table Décor: Set lots of tall glass cylinders or vases down the center of your dining table, fill some with pillar candles, fill one with persimmons, one with kumquats, one with tangerines, one with baby artichokes and one with small seckle pears. Fill the remaining ones with fall leaves, baby pinecones and tall twigs.
Twig Hurricanes: Find delicate brown twigs in your yard, attach the twigs to the outside of a cylindrical vase or hurricane using a small amount of hot glue to temporarily hold them in place. Attach them so the thicker part of the twig is at the base and the smaller finer top of the branch goes up to the top of the cylinder. Put them sparingly around the entire cylinder then secure them by tying twine around them at the base of the cylinder and another tie about halfway up. You can use the hot glue again to secure the twine to the twigs and when the season changes just pull them off (the hot glue will come right off the glass).

Slate Cheese/Chalk Board: The fall is the perfect time for a cheese plate and you can easily make your own by using a piece of dark charcoal slate from a home improvement store. Set leaves (paper or real) on the slate and set the different cheeses you’re serving on top of the leaves. Use chalk directly on the slate to label the different cheeses, and wipe clean when finished. Set a rubber mat or potholder under the slate to keep from scratching your table surface.

Easy, Elegant Orchid Arrangement: There are abundant orchid varieties to choose from and many come in the perfect color tones of fall. Buy a couple of bunches of Orchids in fall colors, separate the bunches and put a single stem each in several cylindrical drinking glasses or champagne flutes. Put them all down the center of your table in a single line for an up to date, autumn look for your table (they’ll last for up to two weeks).

Silverware Ribbon Ties: This is a simple, elegant way to dress up your place settings. Group the fork, knife and spoon together and tie them together at the top of the handles with double face satin ribbon. In the tie also include an herb sprig (rosemary, thyme or sage), a fall leaf or a cluster of dried lavender. Choose the ribbon in a fall color that will coordinate with your table linens and dishes; chocolate brown, olive green, rusty orange or a deep russet red are great choices. Set the table with the dinner plates, a simple rectangular folded napkin on top of the plate and rest the ribbon tied silverware/ herbs on top of the napkin. You can add an extra touch by handwriting place cards to tuck in the bunches of herbs.